Mi Spa massage treatments can provide you with many benefits:



  • Alleviate low-back pain
  • Help you  relax and lower your stress levels; can help with reducing depression.
  • Improves circulation; can help reduce fluid retention.
  • Increases immunity by stimulating lymph flow-the body's natural defence system.
  • Improves skin texture and tone.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Help injured, tired, and overused muscles recover more quickly.
  • Release endorphins that reduce pain and increase your feel good factor.


Lava Shell 'Relax' Heated Massage 
   (Mi Spa's mos
t popular massage)

The indulgent and truly pampering Lava Shells Relax Body Massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques to create a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress followed by wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress.

Lava Shell 'Rescue' Hot and Cold Massage 

The Rescue massage is an ingenious combination of deep tissue massage with warm Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation. This is the perfect choice for treating all fitness related aches and pains. The specialised deep tissue massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension and referred pain. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs and leave you feeling invigorated, muscles will be relaxed and aches and pains will be significantly reduced.






 Full Body 'Relax' Lava Shell Massage 1 hour £72
 Back, Neck & Shoulders 'Relax' Lava Shell Massage ½ hour £46
 Full Body 'Rescue' Lava Shell Massage 1 hour £75
 Back, Neck & Shoulders 'Rescue' Lava Shell Massage ½ hour £48
 Aromatherapy Massage (Oils blended to your specific needs)  
 Full Body 1 hour £70
 Back, Neck and Shoulders ½ hour £48
Aromatherapy Massage (Pre-blended Oils)  
  Full Body 1 hour £65
  Back, Neck and Shoulders ½ hour £43
Standard Massage  
  Full Body 1 hour  £60
  Back, Neck & Shoulders ½ hour £38
  Extended Back, Neck & Shoulders ¾ hour £50 

Indian Head Massage

Head, neck and face are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels.  The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels that cause a build-up of negative energy that are purported to cause ailments including stress, pain, aches, and baldness or hair loss.

 ½ hour £38 

Spot On Power Back Massage

Kneeling upright and fully clothed, in our specially designed massage chair.


¼ hour

½ hour 




Melt Away Inch Loss Massage

This unique massage uses a specially formulated product that promotes 'targeted' inch loss in two areas of your body. The treatment continues to work for up to 72 hours

25 mins£45